How I Sold My Blog website for $8k? – My One year Journey

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April 2018,

It’s been a year and half when I started work on this blog with no money but only my web design, marketing and content writing skill. Before to get into the story, I started my company with my friends and didn’t work well, so I started working from home On my own. It was struggle at first and with support of my wife , I improved my productivity and got more focus.


In the meantime, I studied lot of case studies so I don’t want to make the same mistakes people already done and which was a huge help to build a good looking multi niche blog website and growing it. I definitely suggest anyone that to start read case studies before get into your product making. Save you lot of time and cost!

Worked hard on the site details and never let myself settle for less. It was not much big of a traffic (100-150 per day) and I published good articles and kept on-page SEO good. Published around 500 articles in one site and another had 60.

I planned my own SEO, since I am from this industry and it didn’t much of a hard thing for me. So on the side I did my SEO to increase the trust and backlinks juice.


I started earning around $300-400 per month from one site and another $150 a month. Without much expense ( I didn’t buy any tools or anything) I was very happy with results. After an year and finally sold the blog for $8k last week and it was a huge victory for me and my hard work. Because I already made around $7k in the this year with these blogs and now plus $8k profit with no much investment than my skills.


I bought a new Mack book which was my past few years dream and paid my credit card debts.

It feels great when your hard work pays off. 😊

I am already started working on new projects to take it further in coming new year. I would love give my insights for anyone who need help with making money with their blog.

Also, i share this story in, got lot of attention and appreciation as well.

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